What to know about Patara Elephant Farm, Thailand

What to know about Patara Elephant Farm, Thailand

The Patara Elephant Farm is situated in Thailand’s Chiang Mai Province. It is home to several Asian elephants that visitors can interact with through a specialized program known as “Elephant Owner For A Day”. This package allows you to spend an entire day with a particular elephant and learn all there is to know about these majestic creatures.  You can get tour packages from Chiang Mai and make sure to visit their Website.

Moreover, since the farm plays host to families of elephants you might be lucky enough to spend some time with a mother and her baby and experience first-hand how the two relate with each other. Having said that, here are a few highlights of the farm that might interest you:

Eligibility Info for Visits

The farm is open to both adults and children and offers activities that both age groups would enjoy. What’s more, persons with disabilities and the elderly are also catered for at Patara Elephant Farm.

Patara farms Elephant: Baby Elephantimage sources

Training Activities

  • A visit to the farm offers an interesting activity schedule that is not just about hanging out with the elephants but also provides some useful insights into various aspects of an elephant’s life. Consequently, here are some topics that you can look forward to being trained on while at the establishment:
  • The spiritual significance of the elephant to the Thai people.
  • How to feed and take care of the elephants.
  • How to gauge the mood of the elephants.
  • How to conduct pregnancy tests on female elephants in addition to learning how to take care of the calves (baby elephants).
  • How to guide your elephant to the river for its bath.
  • Some basic commands through which you can communicate with your elephant.

Fun And Games

Once you have been trained on how to be around elephants you can now bond with the magnificent animals in more ways than one. For a start, you can ride bare back on the elephant that is assigned to you. Don’t be afraid; you will not be riding into the sunset at the mercy of these imposing animals, instead you will be assigned a guide who will lead the animal to a specific destination while sharing some interesting elephant stories.

Thai Picnics Too!

Furthermore, you will also get to enjoy an authentic Thai picnic within the scenic countryside. It is also worth mentioning that part of your schedule includes bathing the elephants thus it is advisable to carry your bathing suits as you are bound to get wet as you give your elephant a thorough scrub. And the fun doesn’t end there; you will also have an opportunity to feed the animals before you finally call it a day.

In case you are wondering how you are going to take photos while being sprayed with water, you can relax because Patara Elephant Farm offers complementary photo and video coverage of all the fun you will be having. Moreover, the farm provides you with a change of outfits since you are bound to get dirty at some point during your tour.

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