Interesting and Fun Facts on Indonesia

Indonesia is the largest country-archipelago in the world, comprising more than 17,500 islands (of which 6,000 inhabited), and an extended water surface, from which resulted the name of Tanah Air Kita (“Our Land and Water “). The large areas of Indonesia are part of the Malaysian archipelago, which lies between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. The area is very dynamic now, due to the tectonic activity.

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Interesting Facts

  • Almost  60% of Indonesians live on Java Island .
  •  88% of Indonesians are of the Islam faith  who descended from the early Malay settlers, but also Indonesia is a cosmopolitan society with  360 ethnic groups  who speak over  250 different languages! 
  • The rice and countless unique Indonesian spices are the basis of all meals in Indonesia. Very spicy peppers, the walnuts and coconut milk are used widely in Indonesian cuisine, as ingredients for making sauces, served with meat or fish. Fried rice is a popular dish in combination with meat, fish or vegetables.
  • In Jakarta, the  cheapest and exciting place for shopping is the mall Mangga Dua . You can buy all kind of handcrafts from Sarinah or Pasaraya Grande.
  • In Indonesia to sit with your hands in hip is considered offensive.
  • According to Muslim tradition are not allowed: alcohol, pork and left hand use.
  • In  a 2002 survey, there are  18,307 islands  in Indonesia where 992 are inhabited.

Indonesia location and its many islands

The many Islands of Indonesia

Each of the mysterious islands of Indonesia have their own charm: Bali‘s tourist resorts are famous for beaches and active nightlife; jungles of Sumatra are the hosts of elephants, tigers, orangutans and other wild creatures; and the palaces and monuments in Yogyakarta offers a piece of ancient culture of the region. The adventurers can plan a holiday in the archipelago, particularly in areas with high tourist potential, considered safer.

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Best Time & Season to Visit?

In Indonesia, even if the weather is pleasant much of the year, the best time to visit is during the dry season, between May and September. The monsoons can convert many regions and make them inaccessible destinations in wetter periods, but tourist resorts of Bali, Java and Sumatra are always pleasant. The inappropriate time to visit Indonesia is immediately after Ramadan, when hotels are crowded and prices are extremely high.

  [su_highlight%20background=”#fff099″] Visit Indonesia’s Newest Resort Island: Funtasy Island  

Other Attractions

With attractions such as Borobudur, the largest Buddhist temple in the world with an enviable national architecture, Kelimutu lakes Mountains, stone carvings from Batubulan, hundreds of food festivals, music and art, held throughout the year, Indonesia proves an ideal tourist destination, a combination of sunny beaches, dense jungles, colorful traditions and rich history.

Beaches, Volcanoes and Bali

Picture Perfect by sektordua, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License by sektordua – Nusa Dua Beach, Bali.

Visitors will enjoy the white sandy beaches, bordered by dramatic volcanoes, verdant hills and rich tropical forests. A wide range of marine life includes species like the fish sun, stingray, brown dolphins, turtles and the coral area with some amazing colors.
Bali is a paradise: the stunning scenery, friendly locals and sunsets already become a legend. Nor is it surprising that is the most popular location in the archipelago. Inside the island, in the town of Ubud, which is located on a hill, visitors can experience the traditional culture of Bali – visiting art galleries, temples and museums, which are found in large numbers here.

Most popular Tourist Resort in Indonesia?

If you want something completely different, then you head to Kuta, one of the most popular tourist resort areas. No matter how noisy and crowded it is, if you are looking for a party, this is the best location. Very popular is the surf zone, which is famous for its waves that attract tourists from all over the world. However, it’s advisable not to limit only at Bali, because Indonesia’s archipelago has over 13,000 islands worth exploring.

More Beaches – Lombok

Take a flight up in the neighboring region – Lombok, where you will discover the life of languid rhythms. The beaches are gorgeous and host those who have escaped from the charm called Kuta and came here surfing. The Gunung Rinjani volcano, in northern region is ideal for hiking enthusiasts who may try to surpass themselves.

Living Dinosaurs

Try to make time to see Komodo dragons (also known as “The Dinosaurs Alive”), on the island of Komodo, and you will surely be amazed. Those who are looking for adventure, can head to an isolated jungle or explore Sumatra Kalimantan, with its rich fauna and its many tribes, all of these being recommended to be made in the company of a professional local guide.