Eating an Unripe Mango? Lao Style!

Mangoes are probably the most popular tropical fruit in the world. Originally from South East Asia, but are pretty much grown everywhere that has a tropical climate. It is a national fruit in many countries such as the Philippines and India. A cool fact is the tree of the mango can live up to 300 years and can reach a height of 130 feet.

This fruit as an ingredient is very versatile and is used in many culinary dishes. Ripe mangos are generally very sweet and can be used in juices (smoothies), pies, and ice creams. It is also used in many non-sweet dishes such as chutney (India).

Sour Mango with Dip Pepper flakes


In some South East Asian countries such as Laos(Read More), mangoes can be eaten before it is ripe giving it a crunchy and slightly sour taste. Many would dip the mango slices into pepper flakes or some sort of hot sauce.

Unrip Mango

Health benefits

Mangoes contain a high amount of polyphenols which prevent certain cancers. They also have a high concentration of vitamin A, which are beneficial to the bones. It is also known as a brain food, helping with brain activity and improving memory. It is also a great fruit to help lower blood pressure.