Hanoi replacing dangerous over head wires and cables

Hanoi replacing dangerous over head wires and cables

Regulators within Hanoi are investigating in the removal of large tangle over head electrical lines, telephone and tv cables.

It has come about as an initiatives to satisfy deadlines from city planning back in 2011 to hide and bury all exposed wires underground by the year 2015.

The municipal communities are finding the twisted cables have created an ugly city and unsafe for the local people.

The organization would need to clear out around 120 km of low-voltage lines. The difficulty comes into finding which lines or wire are in use.

The city Division of Transportation will likely change and replace 784 electrical and lighting poles.

Within this year or so, the plan is to start moving around the wires in 4 districts of the inner city and to start cleaning up the telecommunications lines.

Source @ vietnamnews.vn