Ways to Avoid Snake Bites in South East Asia

Waiting.... Hiding..... by C.P.Storm, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License by C.P.Storm

If you are travelling in wild areas of South East Asia (read our tip guide), the last thing you want is to be bitten by  a poisonous snakes.

“When bitten, swelling will occur and for a small child the swelling can spread throughout the limb. Blistering and bruises will appear and the patient will be in shock. Bleeding could occur from the nose, gums and other places where blood can come through.”  It can be scary.

If you are bitten or someone in your group is bitten read this article 10 Tips on Surviving a Pit Viper Snake Bite in South East Asia.

Here are tips to avoid encountering snakes when travelling in rural or jungle areas, especially if you are travelling without a guide.  These may be common-sense steps but it is important to reiterate them in your head.  Snake bite is the last thing you want on your travels.

  • Wear boots and long pants.
  • Try to avoid walking in thick foliage, always use a path.
  • Travelling at night, use flashlight along the path.
  • When collecting wood or moving rocks, do not use bare hands, use a stick first to make sure no snakes are there.
  • Don’t stick your hand or even a stick in what looks to be a burrow
  • Avoid swimming in overgrown rivers or lakes
  • When camping sleep in a hammock or any other way that will keep you off the ground.