10 Safety Tips for Travelling Through Hot South East Asia

Tetra Pak® - Girl in sun hat with Tetra by Tetra Pak
Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License by Tetra Pak Don’t Forget your Hat!
1. Wear a hat if possible to protect against the sun.

2. Try to avoid sun bathing at high noon(11am-2pm), since it’s a higher risk for UV.

3. If you are sunbathing for the first few days, limit yourself to 10-20 mins a day to build sun exposure.  Don’t forget Sunscreen of course!

4. Use Waterproof Sunscreen especially if are going swimming or doing any water activity.

5. If you are using repellent against bugs, apply 30 – 60 mins after application of sunscreen

Morning, Loltong Village, Pentecost Isla by Graham Crumb, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License by Graham Crumb Jungles are notorious for biting bugs.  Use repellent!

6. If your urine is tea colored tinted/dark shade and passing little, you are dehydrated. This is dangerous if you are hiking. Drink water!

Before a hike, condition yourself by drinking glass of water at every meal.  After a long day of outdoor activity do not drink beer to rehydrate as tempting and refreshing as it may be. If you can’t help yourself(still not recommended), order a glass or two of water to drink first.

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7. Wear a collar shirt.  This will help protect the neck area from the sun along with sunscreen. Neck and feet are areas that are often neglected when applying sunscreen.

by Kris Krug, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License Wear Turtle Neck

8. Carry Calamine lotionAloe Vera or Cortisone Cream at all times to help soothes sunburns because sometimes they are not often available abroad and can be expensive.  Make sure you aren’t allergic to some of the ingredients in the lotions.

Aloe Vera

Also aspirin helps calm sunburns as well if on hand.  Apply it to area of skin that is burnt.

9. If you suffer from cold sores, sunlight will reactive it. So use acyclovir cream(Zovirax UK/USA) before hand if you feel it coming as a preventative.

10. The best sunscreen is not only sunscreen lotion but the clothes you wear that cover your skin. Try best to be in the shade especially during a long hike.

Source and recommended book to carry when Travelling

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