Public Outrage: 13 year old Girl raped and killed in Thailand

A 13 year old girl has been raped and killed by being shoved off a moving train from an overnight trip, has sparked public outrage.  Many are calling for capital punishment for rapists.

The body of the victim had been identified early on Tuesday morning nearby the railroad tracks in Prachuap Khirikhan province’s Pranburi district.

The girl along with her sisiter were visiting their grandmother, when she dissapeard while travelling back to her home in Bangkok from Surat(Southern Thailand). The route is popular amongst backpackers coming from Thailand Southern Beach Resorts.

“Rape cases on public transportation do not occur very often in Thailand, but this case shows that there are loopholes in the system’s security which allowed the offender to commit the crimes,” Napanwut said.

The individual detained is a rail employee. He faces charges of rape, concealing a body and murder, which carries the death penalty.

The suspect told law enforcement he had been intoxicated from using methamphetamine and alcohol when engaging in the attack.

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