Yangoon Tire Recyclers in Myanmar

Aung Nyunt, a 63 year old from Yangoon, works with 6 other workers day and night transforming rubber tires into flip flops, rubber bushings, buckets and other spare parts for cars. Rubbing bushings have been in demand for second hand cars especially with 300,000 used cars on the road of Yangoon.

Flip flops are the hot commodity in Myanmar at 1500 kyat or a $1.50 a pair.  “City folk” may think the flip-flops are ugly, Thwe Oo says, but they are cheap and sturdy!”

Aung works in a unpleasent room that is dark, dingy and thick of acid smell from the rubber. Not much of a choice from a country that is transitioning from military state to a civilian government only 3 years ago. Myanmar is going through a political and financial changes, where many of the country’s Sixty million people are in poverty. For them, nothing is without value.

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