Railway linking Kunming to Singapore via Laos

The amount of household travelers is predicted to increase to 6 million yearly for the short-term, then leap to 9 million yearly on the long term, this is stated by Deputy PM Somsavat.

Travelers traveling from Vientiane towards the boundary through the train will be billed just about 160000 kip, this is less expensive than what is priced via travel on roads, presently at 285000 kip..

Both China and Lao government authorities took a new plan on Dec 2 in the capital of Vientiane to begin building a $6billion (USD) task for connecting Vientiane, Laos(learn facts) to the northern borders of China. This range will be around 430 km.

Building is predicted to finish in about 5 years.

The task will type huge area network that will link Kunming China through Laos all the way through Thailand, Malaysia and finish off in Singapore..

The amount of travelers from the 5 nations travel-ling with the local train is predicted to achieve above 9 million through the 1st year alone.

The figures are anticipated to increase to 12 million travelers annually(short-term wise) and improve to 16 and half million travelers yearly on the long term.