Chang Beer of Thailand making its way South (Cambodia)

Chang Beer of Thailand making its way South (Cambodia)

Thailand’s Chang ale-beer company may load much more glasses throughout Cambodia following inking a unique circulation agreement using the company Attwood that will import the crates.

PPenh Post described Friday that the chairwoman from the Cambodian supplier associated with Corona draught beer, Johnny-Walker as well as Hennessey items, stated this deal proclaimed the other day will assist popularise Thailand’s top alcohol towards a larger Khmer target audience.

Thai Beer Chang has always been obtainable in Cambodia by way of non-public importers, however has not stood a countrywide distribution offer.

In many areas of Cambodia, only older people bought Chang beers and have not been well known yet amongst the younger drinking as that will change because of this deal.

This deal will bring Chang into a young beer market and will have to re-introduce itself back into the market. It will definitely take time for it to gain ground as they are many local beers that it needs to overtake.

Local beers such as Angkor and Cambodia is leading the pack and is popular amongst tourist because of its low price being that it is produced there.  Chang does have a good chance to overtake the other beer imports such as Tiger from Singapore