Bangkok, Thailand With the Family in Town – What Activities to Do!

Bangkok, the famous capital of Thailand(interesting facts), is full of activities for the six-year-old to the sixty-year-old. If you have the whole family in tow, you need to find activities that everyone can enjoy. Since the kids rule and you want to keep your sanity, you might be leaning more towards the kiddy things to do during your stay here. So what should you do? Here’s a brief rundown of all the family-friendly things you and the family can get up to in Bangkok.

It’s hot!

OK, it’s really in Thailand, and Bangkok? Well, it’s a huge city and as you can image, it can get quite stuffy, humid, and down right steaming hot, especially right in the middle of the day. What to do? Especially when you have one or more little monsters melting at your feet. Get them cooled down for godsakes! Thankfully Bangkok has a few options. Head over the Fantasia Lagoon or Siam Park. Both will be equally entertaining for the children, and most importantly, it will cool them down.

Siam Park

Still burnin’ up? Is a waterpark too “baby” for the teenagers? Take them to Taco Lake Cable Wake Park for all the blood pumping and adrenaline inducing watersports you can think of like wakeboarding and waterskiing.

Learning time

It’s essentially impossible to leave Bangkok without seeing a temple. Get the kids excited about the culture and wander around temples like Wat Arun which is beautifully placed on the river or climb up to Wat Saket and ring the bells at the top of the hill.

wat arun

If your kids need more structure in their entertainment and are old enough to stay put for a show, then try Siam Niramit. A fantastical performance involving more than a 100 performers expressing the Thai culture and dances out on stage for all to enjoy.

Fussy kids

If you have a fussy one on your hands and they want something like back home, there’s Blu ‘O’ Rhythm which is a bowling alley for some good ‘ol bowling fun. There’s also karaoke if the whole family is the singing type. You can head over to Paragon Cineplex for a movie night with the family too. The movies here are available in English, and there’s even an IMAX theater too.

The unconventional

Are you guys total weirdos? Do you all like out of the ordinary stuff? Well, Bangkok has your back, no worries on that. Take the kids to an out-of-this-world restaurant like the Hajime Robot Restaurant. You will not only be served by the robots, but they will dance for you too. The kids have the choice of cooking their own food tableside too.

Get creepy with the family and visit the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum for some extra weirdo fun. Life Size wax statues of famous faces are adorning the inside of this building. Say “Hey!” to Princess Diana and George Clooney for me!

There’s tons more. Museums galore, more cultural sites and temples, public parks to frolic around, markets to shop at, malls to wander around, go karts and tuk tuk rides (sometimes they feel like the same thing) and a laundry list of more options. It just depends on the kind of family you are and how much time you have in Bangkok. What are you and the family getting up to during your visit to Bangkok?