High-tech cheating at a Thai med school

High-tech cheating at a Thai med school

The University of Rangsit has recently cancel its admission examinations for medical students over the weekend because of cheating. Cheating is pretty common in many Asian countries because of extreme pressure to succeed and especially schools and universities accepting a limited amount students each year.

University administrators are always on the lookout for catching cheaters as the techniques have been cleverer than ever because of technology.

Three students have been caught cheating as they were using high-tech gear such as hidden cameras in their classes as well as using smart watches in order to receive answers. The hidden cameras were used to snap the questionnaires of the examination papers by peers who were not there to take the exam in the first place.

These peers proceeded to leave before the lockdown which is 45 minutes into the exam. Patrons we assume, are allowed to leave before the lockdown if he or she feel the test is too difficult or for some other unknown reason.

So when these peers with the hidden camera glasses left the room, they then proceeded to upload the images of the examination to other friends who then look for the answers. These answers were then sent to the three individuals with smart watches who were still in the exam room.

Once they were caught, they were blacklisted from the University and are not allowed to take any placement exams of the year.

It was quite the impressive scheme as many people were involved and had specific duties. It was all planned out well as these are the kind of the techniques that the administrators are up against.
The University admittance pack has cost each student $23,000 without even having the chance to complete the test.

Currently many top universities across Thailand have installed cameras in the rooms.