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  • Elephant Ivory black-market is thriving

    Elephant Ivory black-market is thriving

    Greater than 2 tonnes involving tusks from elephants, have been unlawfully taken and directly transported into Vietnam via Mozambique0.  Thankfully the ivory was confiscated before it could be sold on the black market, the state mentioned.  The many tonnes(about 2.3) involving tusks,  and around 830 unique items, were found…

  • Laos White Elephants

    Laos White Elephants

    “The last of Laos’ white elephants, a sacred symbol of both Buddhism and royalty, perished long ago under communist rule. As the number of real white elephants in Southeast Asia declines, metaphorical white elephant property developments can be seen across Laos, particularly in Vientiane, its once sleepy, now bustling,…