Myanmar is purchasing 20 used train carriages from India

Myanmar Temple by eGuide Travel, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License  by eGuide Travel

The Myanmar government is planning to buy 20 used train carriages from India, according to an official from the Ministry of Rail Transportation. These carriages have air-conditioning and include advanced seating privileges. So, they are more suitable for long distance trips. When the carriages arrive, a trial run will be held. “We have already renovated as much as we can in the railway sector. We will do a test run and plan to use the trains for long distance trips as they have air conditioning,” said an unnamed official from the Ministry.

Previously, train cars and their spare parts had to be purchased with loans from China and India. Now, Japan is helping Myanmar’s rail sector with capital, technology and expert advice. Japan has also permitted a loan of US$ 500 million (Ks 493 billion) at a low interest rate.

Japan is also providing an upgrade of train carriages at the Myit Nge manufacturing factory. As well, Yangon’s circular railway system will be replaced with carriages produced at the Myit Nge factory. A tender will be called for the upgrade of Yangon Railway Station to companies from Japan and Singapore, and the railway system will also be upgraded, according to the Ministry.

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